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Hello friendly user I'm JKV21, the developer of this website and here you are going to find out some more information about myBudgetAI, who I am and how I've got started on programming myBudgetAI. I hope that the information you will find here, will be enough to clear all the concers and all the questions you may have about me and myBudgetAI, if you have any more questions about me or on how to use the website check out my Portfolio page for more information about me and if you need any help with using the website check out the Contact page to either contact me or watch the tutorials you'll find on the page.

About myBudgetAI:

What is myBudgetAI:

myBudgetAI is a website that was made to help people like you manage their budgets. The advice you will get is completely based on your answers so the advice that one person gets is maybe not going to work for another one. You just have to give it a try in order to be sure that it will work. If you are with your family you should sum everybody's income and everybody's payments to get a good answer from myBudgetAI so you could save up together. I don't guarantee any future earnings from myBudgetAI, because as stated by the law, I can't and don't make any guarantees about your own ability to get results or earn any money using myBudgetAI's advice, and nothing on this website is going to promise or guarantee you future earnings.

How does it work:

On myBudgetAI's home page you will find 2 questionnaires, answer the questions with your information without using any signs such as: $ and %, so that myBudget will be able to help you by calculating and telling you what should you do with your money. myBudgetAI's advice includes a budget plan on how to spend your monthly budget and telling you what are the optimal things that you should do with your money. After you get your budget report myBudgetAI will calassify you with one of the three types of investors (Type-A, Type-B and Type-C). After you get all the information you need is all up to you if you want to check out the Influencers page in order to find some more financial advice. This method should work pretty mutch anywhere in the world if you enter your after tax money.

How does it save your information:

myBudgetAI will save the information you give it on the Home page and the information you give it on the Notes page. Your advice for now is going to be stored on your PC's browser, but if you want you can delete it by clicking the delete buttons on the pages that you want to delete your information. If you don't delete your information the next time you come to the website or when you refresh it your advice and your notes will still be on the website availible for you to see.


myBudgetAI is in BETA, which means that I'm updating it pretty frequently in order to maximize your user experiences. If you have any suggestions or constructive criticism, I'm opened to them and I'll try to add them to the website. Some of the updates you should expect in the near future are design updates, updates to the main gimmick of myBudgetAI and updates to the storage sistem , so that the information you'll get from it could help you even more, because is going to be more personalized.

About the developer JKV21:

Who am I ?

Well, I'm just a normal guy and a web developer and I've made this website based on things I like and enjoy (things such as coding and helping other people), in my free time. This is my first website and it took me nearly one mounth of hard work to create it. I started this project with 0 experience and this is what I've managed to do. I hope that you'll enjoy my website and I wish you the best user experience you could have.

Why I've made this website ?

I made this website because I see lots of people who graduate and don't know how to manage their money/budgets and so they end up broken or in debt. But I'm not just talking about college graduates, In our society there are lots of people that end up like that and I just wated to help them. But if you want myBudgetAI to help you, You must follow the advice you get in order to get any kind of result. Don't expect to get rich or something along those lines if you don't work for your money.

How I've got the idea ?

I've always wanted to get into coding, but I didn't know how to get started, but one day while I was talking wih my familly about money and our budget this idea stroke me. I've wanted so badly to make it come to life and that idea gave me the impulse that I needed to get started. So I started researching ways on how to mange my budget, I started reading and learning how to make my idea come to life by, well coding it and in about one month I've published the website. The website is by no means perfect and I'm still working on it, but it does its job.

How can we get into contact ?

If anybody needs help, they can contact me from the Contact page of the website or by just hovering over the contact link on the navigation bar. For contrctive feedback you just need to click the Feedback button on the Contact page and if anybody needs help with using the website they can contact me by the Asistence button they'll find on the Contact page, or they can just watch the Tutorials I made. If anybody has any suggestions Contact me and I'll try to do my best.