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How to use myBudgetAI:

Hi there this is a tutorial on how to use the features of myBudgetAI, in order for myBudgetAI to give you the most accurate advice on how to manage your budget you have to answer the questions in the two questionnaires. In the first questionnaire you just have to enter your answer in numebers, that means that if your answer is no, you write 0, and you should not use any signs such as $ or % and in the second questionnaire you should repond to the questions as explained in the textboxes. Your answers will be saved so whenever you come back you don't have to re enter your data. If you don't want your data to be saved you just have to click the delete button at the bottom of the Home page.

How to use myBudgetAI Notes:

Hi there this is a tutorial on how to use myBudgetAI Notes, in order to use myBudgetAI Notes you need to write the things you want to note on the blank space near the enter and delete buttons. After you enter your information, the things you wrote down will be saved on your PC's browser so whenever you want to see your notes you can find them there, unless you delete all your notes. In order to delete your notes you must press the delete button. The buttons you will find on your notes are just for checking them and making them disappear from your view, but they will not be deleted permanently.

How to contact me:

Hi there this is a tutorial on how you, the user, can contact me, you have two ways to contact me. The first way is to hover under the Contact page link on the navigation bar and chose wheter you want to give me some feedback or if you need help(assistence) because you've found a bug. The second way is to go to the contact page and chose between the options that I just mentioned. After that you will be able to send me an email to which I'll respond when I have time. I'll try to adjust the site based on your preferences and your feedback.

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